EDI remains an essential methods for exchanging data. We can connect you with anybody using EDI.

Teams Work
Nav Logistics Inc dedicated integration teams work closely with your API/EDI team to ensure a seamless implementation process, from start to finish.

API and EDI Compliant
Nav Logistics Inc encourages all API and EDI-compliant customers to integrate with any and all applicable transaction sets and service offerings from the following:

Proven Ability to Execute
With an extensive library of APIs and IDEAs, and experience integration with both TMS and Shipper software systems, we can serve as your integration partner.

Flexibility and Ability
Using our tools provides you with flexibility and ability to make process improvements resulting in a much more connected supply chain.

EDI is more efficient than paper-based transportation processes, including emails. EDI allows for the immediate transfer and processing of orders.

EDI eliminates the intermediaries in order processing. Unlike faxes or other transmissions of order materials that require someone read and process the order manually, EDI vs. APIs eliminates the intermediaries in processing, making for more efficient, rapid order fulfillment.

EDI can send large volumes of documentation at once. Another benefit within EDI is its ability to send large volumes of documents at once. This helps to prevent inaccuracies during transmission and keeps everyone on the same page.

EDI integrates well with legacy systems. Since most companies continue using legacy systems, EDI is the natural companion and easiest choice in automated order processing.

Shipment Tracking

How to Check Tracking Status
It’s very Simple for you to know your USA Truck Tracking status through our online tracker system. All you need is tracking number. Enter Tracking Pro number / BOL / Bill of Lading Number / Waybill No in online tracker Field to Track and Trace your Transportation Delivery information instantly.

Shipment Records
NAV LOGISTICS INC employs a highly programmed, proprietary TMS that records complete information on every shipment NAV LOGISTICS INC handles and provides update requirements and notification alerts for delays and any other issues in transit.

Track your Shipment
Track your truckload, intermodal and LTL (Less Than Truckload) shipment and FTL (Full Truckload) with NAV LOGISTICS INC free tool 24/7. You can also you track your freight using bill of lading (BOL) number referenced on your shipment's paper or electronic BOL.

Customer Portal

NAV LOGISTICS INC Online Visibility Solutions provide users with 24/7 communication and accessibility. Customers receive 24/7 support, direct access to carriers and real-time tracking updates.
We continuously build and enhance our data solutions to deliver results for our clients. Our methodology combines years of experience in both Big Data and supply chain logistics.

For shippers:

Instantly quote and book freight
Complete freight visibility with 24/7 tracking and notifications
On-demand access to shipping documents
Customizable reports

For carriers:

Instantly book loads
GPS tracking
'Recommended loads' option
Fleet management

Tracking and Communications

We provide real time data and logistics on your freight's movements 24 hour a day, 7 days a week. Our truckers employ smartphones, email, GPS and satellite tracking and communications so we can easily follow your shipment's progress accurately.


NAV LOGISTICS INC Carrier Sales Division works exclusively within NAV customized, proprietary TMS to find the best match for your shipment. The system includes carrier profiles, lane preferences, available equipment, past history and service notes. We match your data with our carriers’ preferences and available capacity to identify the best transportation options possible.

Optimum use of Capacitys
Many trucks operate with less capacity than they can manage. This makes a direct impact on their earnings and increases the number of unnecessary trips generating fewer revenues. NAV LOGISTICS INC can ensure that trucks run on full loads so that they can make optimum use of capacity. Drivers can earn more, make fewer trips and reduce congestion on the roads. It also helps to reduce pollution as each trip is optimized to make full use of truck capacity.

Routing Guides
NAV LOGISTICS INC also allows Carrier Sales to offer routing guide for carrier, integration matching technology used to get carriers back to their desired destination.Routing guides contain routing instructions and an established set of guidelines and requirements for manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, and distributors to follow when fulfilling orders and shipping products or materials to a specific location, warehouse.

Routing Guides Benefits
Increase efficiency.
Define shipping information and rates.
Controls supplier shipments.
Reduces excessive costs for transportation.
Improves communication & connection.
Helps keep the brand consistent.
Controls packaging standards.